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Bret Broaddus serves as Managing Member of ARG | Alliance with 30 years of reale state Member and services experience. He successfully launched two private series Asset Holdings and managed national brokerage platforms at CBRE, KOLL, KREG, Alliance Cos. and Private CRE Equity Holding Units. Over decades of top-tier success in the Corporate, Commercial Real Estate and CRE Investment Banking Industry, he led numerous national (and top worldwide) closures, generating leading international revenue. He was recognized for the largest-ever executions in 47 US Corporate markets, including the largest known IND single-asset ever traded worldwide. Mr. Broaddus has held securities, insurance and real estate licenses and completed undergraduate work at Red Rocks College and UC Boulder, with MBA and PhD Finance work at Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL.


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Impact on Community

A Passion to Give Back


Mercy Home

BB was involved with Mercy Home for the residences in various regions in the north Chicago community.


Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities asked that BB act as an assistant to Church Services, refreshments, holy wafers and wine for Pastor Services in addition to k-8 adolescents services and help for the parental folks.


Westchester Community Fair

Westchester Community Fair clubhouse for wayward boys as a result of the parental vacancy not being available to them for the community activities.


He Loves His Work

Who’s Who in America Nomination

Bret Broaddus was nominated for the Marquis Who’s Who in America 2020 list. Since 1898, Who’s Who in America has been used by students, researchers, librarians, and employers from different industries. This list has a significant impact on visibility, as well as credibility. This nomination was through a combination of referrals, surveys, publications, newspapers, awards, magazines, grants, and corporate records.

Community Improvement

Bret Broaddus was more than effective with the created plans to assist the community, to add value to the processes and betterment of those involved.

Work with General Contractors

Bret Broaddus’ answer to the problem was to source, communicate and create a JV joint venture atmosphere to encourage the GC General Contractors which owned the adjacent site to contribute to the 501c3, BB researched and learned, became versed in this entitlement opportunity and convinced the GC General Contractors how they were not only creating a value-add, beautification but also a community improvement allowing for residence to utilize and take advantage for improvement.

Involved in Creating a Park

PJ 1 was an opportunity to create a Park and ball field for Baseball, Basketball Track and Field to offer cardio vascular fitness, strength training and endurance. This was to be created from a wetlands site requiring fill, leveling, final landscape and beautification.

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